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• 6/20/2014

The End of Wikia - Plot Ideas

The End of Wikia will be returning in 2013. So more episodes will be written. However, I face an issue. 

I need storylines for the following episodes:

  1. It's End of Wikia Time! 
  2. We Are Pigs. They Are Birds
  3. The Who in Doctor Who Wiki
  4. The Secret at Harry Potter Wiki 

The Reason is, for the first and third episodes on the list, I know very little, if nothing about. For the second and fourth, I know about them, but have a lack of ideas. So I call upon you for help. Please, help come up with a good storyline for the episodes. Whoever comes up with an idea for an episode, and is accepted by me will be credited with it. Please.  And come up with them as quick as possible.

Your Friend, ally, and author - Sci. 

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• 12/29/2012

Angry Birds Wiki suggested Plot:

Okay, I don't know much about angry birds. So just stay with me here. So after they barely escape the AT Wiki, they briefly drop the admins off at the Avatar Wiki (which happens off screen. They go there cause Felinoel is a long time user over by the Avatar Wiki and has friends who can shelter them for a while).

So while they are at the Avatar wiki they are attacked by the Hacker. They fight, fight some more, and fight some more. Until the Hacker blasts the "Random Wiki" button and transports everyone to a random wiki. Luckily, the whole team ends up on the Angry Birds Wiki. A wiki already conquered by the Hacker. The users there are forced into oppression under the rule of (a newly created general within the Hacker's ranks). Though, what makes the situation interesting is that the community has a fort filled with weapons and tons of defense mechanisms. Though the users have little to no training and lack courage. A simple story about over coming a situation and working towards solving it. So they free the Angry Birds wiki and receive a new weapon for their journey from the Founder. The End.

• 12/30/2012

I love the Angry Birds Idea. That's the Offical plot for In the the episode. 

The AT episode is okay. But just to add a few things: 

1. In every single episode, the characters have to deal wtih... aspects of their wikis. Like in TEE Crisis, the team was sent into the other shows of TEE.  So yes, we'll be needing some Finn and Jake :P

2. For the Angry Birds and AT Wikis - we could say that they also had been trapped online. What I'm about to say is only for AT Wiki. They could say " We got trapped online by the Hacker, but then for some reason... he left. " 

3. Yes to Blugo and there's a episode between the AT episode and the Angry Birds ep. 

• 12/30/2012

Doctor Who suggested plot idea:

So they depart and are traveling in their new ship given to them by the Angry Birds Wiki founder. (Cause they need a ship and all :P). Also I thought that maybe you should make traveling to different wikis sorta like hyperspace. (from star wars and other sci-fi products. Makes sense.)

(Do they already know speedy or not? If they don't then:) They hyperdrive jump onto the Doc. Who wiki. They meet speedy, a young rebellious girl who wants to fight off the tyranny of the hacker. Speedy is a refugee who has taken shelter with her friends. A simple episode for some character development between who ever you choose. The team then discovers that the Doc. Who is infected. The admins and users have been infected by a virus unleashed by the Hacker a few months ago. That makes them ZOMBIES! So they have to find a way to cure them instead of killing them. Speedy tracks down CzechOut (the only person who can compose a cure), and an old friend of hers. He is basically a broken spirited guy who has nothing left. Speedy tries to knock some sense into him, trying to remind him of his former self. After some rough patches, he turns around and creates the cure, saving everyone on-wiki. Speedy thanks her old friend and leaves with the team, becoming a new member.

• 1/15/2013
• 2/8/2013

Woah too long to read em' all...

Oh and btw

you* @Speedy's first reply

TARDIS* @Sci's first reply

• 2/9/2013

Meh, please make up something different for the Doctor Who plot. It's all over the f*cking place.

• 4/27/2013

Listen up boys and girls cause I'm in the TEOW mood. 

I'm thinking of canceling Season 2 and wrapping up everything in a 5-part Series Finale. 

Wikia War I: The Who in Doctor who

Wikia War II: The Stand at Harry Potter

Wikia War III: Community Central's Downfall

Wikia War IV: Endgame at BTFF

Wikia War V: Epilogue on Wikia

... So what do you think? YES? NO? Maybe? Have a better suggestion? 

• 4/28/2013
I approve. Making a 2nd season would take too long.
• 4/28/2013

Oh and don't forget to build up momentum and throw in some tension; two very critical things to add when writing a story.

• 5/5/2013
cool idea
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