Hello again and welcome to the most retarded thread of all time TEEmblr! We didn't change names. Post away.

1. Thread:6896, the thingy that inspired TEEmblr. Died on November 23, 2013. 

2. Thread:7061, first TEEmblr. Started in December 3, 2013, died in February 26, 2014. Reached 752 replies.

3. Thread:8290, dubbed "TEEmblr 2: RETURN OF THE LISTEN". Started in February 26, 2014, died in March 14, 2014. Some stuff happened here, mostly due to noobs. Only reached 161 messages.

4. Thread:8512, dubbed "TEEmblr: AGE OF LOADING", referencing the new Transformers movie. Started in March 14, 2014, and died closed in April 12, 2014.

5. Thread:9016, dubbed "TEEmblr #4: Screw AEE Edition", then renamed "TEEmblr #4: (NOT) Screw AEE Edition". It began by raging against AEE tards, then reverted back to normal TEE tardedness. Started April 12, died April 27th.

6.1. Thread:9389, dubbed "TEEmblr V: Days of the Future GIF". Started April 27, died 3 hours later, reached 6 messages.  Died due to  sci the fapnagler Sci's inability to make threads.

6. Thread:9403, dubbed "TEEmblr V Rebooted: The Next Edition: The Movie 2: Electric Lagaloo". Started April 27, died June 30. Reached 500 messages. That's awesome.


  1. You do not talk about TEEmblr
  2. You DO NOT talk about TEEmblr
  3. Don't take anything seriously, you dumb piece of crap
  4. Fapping is okay as long as you wear protection
  5. Roleplaying is fgty and is for fgts and Sci
  6. Don't break rule 1
  7. Don't break rule 2
  8. Laws are meant to be broken
  9. Etc.
  11. DON'T
  12. DO NOT
  13. DON'T DO IT