1. Simply kill him
  2. Run him through with a sword
  3. Shoot him with an RPG
  4. Nuke him
  5. Make him suffer from TMLO
  6. Commit suicide, posses him and commit suicide
  7. Rip his head off
  8. Steal all his legos until he dies himself
  9. Be Nick
  10. Do an epic rp-ing sequence that consists of three rows of text
  11. Steal all his pie
  12. Steal all his cheese
  13. Steal all his pizza
  14. Kill him with the mod cannon
  15. Kill him with the admin cannon
  16. Nuke Chaturn (only works for Nick) The explosion will kill him.
  17. Beat him to death with the hammers of justice
  18. Kill all his cats
  19. Kill all his dogs
  20. Shoot the living shit out of him
  21. Try to slap him as a joke, but blow his head off instead
  22. Grab his arm, pull the curtains and make the screen fade to black, then play screaming, bone breaking and blood splattering sound effects in the background
  23. Thrust a spear in his chest, then force it out, ripping his heart off
  24. Eat him (only works for Sol,otherwise you can't digest him)
  25. Put a Kenny mask on him
  26. Don't kill him
  27. Do the Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style at the same time with an accompanyance of the Chicken Dance(only works for Sol)
  28. Chicken Dance
  29. Make the page 102 Ways to Kill Lego
  30. Finish this sentenc
  31. Finish that sentence
  32. Finish the next sentence
  33. I'm just really bor
  34. Make the page, "Why to NOT Kill Lego"
  35. Earthquake his chat
  36. Tell him he's Sarah (but then Tron will die also)
  37. PUt him in a cage with Tron and shout "Sarah"
  38. Import camels and have them eat his food so he starves to death.
  39. Take every electronic device he has ever accessed and stick them to him and let Lego die of radiation

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