Species: Bludo
Home planet: Janejare
Body type: Humanoid
Abilities: Flight
Eye Lasers
Shooting Numbers
Predator/Prey: ABC
1st appearance: Unknown

123 is a Bludo from Janejare. He is the predator of ABC, and will appear in a future season.


123 is a black humanoid about a foot taller than ABC. His arms are red, as well as his spiky wings and two symbols on his chest. He has holes on his hands, blades on his shoulders, red eyes, and two white mouths.


123 has the power to fly with great proficiency and agility. His claws aren't very sharp, but sharp enough to slice through wood. 123 can shoot cloned blades from his shoulders, and control them with his mind. He can also clone them at will.

From the holes in his hands, 123 can shoot numbers. When the numbers are put next to an object, there becomes that many of the object. For example, if he shot a 7, a 1, and a 4 next to a bush, 713 more bushes would appear. He can also shoot decimal points for removing part of an object, or making part of a clone of an object. 123 can shoot red lasers from his eyes that can instantly destroy any Phoenesian creation. They act as normal eye lasers on any other object.


If 123's wings are wet, he won't be able to fly.

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