A is a new mini series by the Awesome Jack which revoles around a band of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. It premeries sometime in 2015.


This series may be offensive to certain people due to religious mentions and references (heaven, hell etc.)


After Judgement Day when the faithful and honest are sent to the heavens and the sinful stay down upon Earth, hellbound monsters are freed. Ex-con Isaac Nye bands a group of survivors to redeem themself and be holy once more.



The series is to question morality after everything goes to hell and everything you knew is gone. 

Theme Song

The Theme Song is My Song Knows What You Did in the Dark by Fallout Boy. You'll understand if you read the lyrics.


  • A (real name unknown)
  • Issac Nye
  • Dale Ford
  • Miles Bloom
  • Jade Chesire
  • Derrick Watts
  • Miranda Tate
  • Gertrude Perry
  • Chris Wile
  • Laurie Stoppel


  • Pterodactyl-like creatures
  • Bear-like creatures
  • Horse-like creatures
  • Wolf-like creatures
  • The Cannibals
    • Ryan Wallace
    • Gareth Mina
    • Brian Anderson


Coming Soon


  • None

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