AB's Awesomeness is a series by AB about Awesome Betterhero, who wields the Ultra Supreme Trix and battles powerful villains.



Season 1


  • Awesome Betterhero (main character)
  • Luigi (recurring character)
  • Shoop da Whoop (recurring character)
  • Mapapagreda (recurring character)
  • Stretchy Girl (mainish character)
  • The Girl of Speed (mainish character)
  • Laser Firer (mainish character)
  • Venus Teen (mainish character)
  • Rainbawesome (mainish character)


  • Vulkanus
  • Pickaxe Minions
  • Turnokop
  • Femkovloha
  • Dark Characters
  • Skelevillains
  • Aggregor

Hidden Picture

In every episode picture, there will be a hidden dancing muffin man. Find him and comment for a point.
Dancing Muffin Man


  • Nar: 2
  • Brian: 2

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