is the 2nd episode of The Life of Legendaries.



Swaglett appears.

(Swaglett): YOU! I shall take my revenge!

(Arceus): haha seriously? Dialga, fight him.

(Dialga): Kay. This will be easy.


Dialga stepped forward and let out a mighty roar.

(Dialga): Come at me, you dighead.

Swaglett just smirked prepared an attack. A ball of energy appeared above his head.

(Swaglett): SWAG FORCE!

The ball hurled at Dialga, who fired a Dragon Pulse just in time to block it. It didn't work however, as the Swag Force easily overpowered the Dragon Pulse and keeps flying at Dialga. Fortunately for Dialga, he dodged just in time.

(Dialga): Phew. Okay kid, time to get serious.

(Smagglett): Meh.

Dialga let out a roar again.

(Dialga): ROAR OF TIME!!!

(Swaglett): SWAG VEIL!

Dialga fired the indigo-colored beam from its mouth at Swaglett, but before it hits, a shield formed in front of Swaglett, blocking the attack.

(Dialga): What? Damn! Now I must recharge...

(Swaglett): Now my chance. Awesarena Trap!

Dialga is Paralyzed!

(Dialga): Aghh!

(Swaglett): Swag Force.

The ball formed above Swaglett's head.

(Swaglett): EAT THIS.

THe ball hurled itself at Dialga.

(Dialga): Nah...Dragon...Pulse!

Dialga fired a turqoise energy ball at the Swag Force. The two attacks collide, so an explosion happens. When the smoke cleared, Dialga fainted.

(Arceus): -spits cereal- What. The. FAQ?

(Darkrai): Whoa...

(Swaglett): So...who's next?

Articuno busts through the door.

(Articuno): I'll fight you if you get rid of that drunk Raikou for me!

Raikou entered the room.

(Raikou): LOL-

A Swag Force hits Raikou right in the head. He got launched to a wall and fainted.

(Swaglett): FIght me now.

(Articuno): Okay.

insert battle music here.

Note: This battle scene will be written in paragrah cause I feel like it. Also Articuno is female here.

"Bring it on!" Articuno roared. Swaglett smirked and charged a Swag Force again. Once he's done, he fired it at Articuno, who dodged easily and fired an Ice Beam. Swaglett tried to dig underground to avoid the attack, but the beam is too fast. Swaglett is hit by the attack.Since he's a Ground-type, the attack is super effective.

"Raaaah!" Swaglett groaned. Articuno laughed and charged another Ice Beam, but Swaglett already fired a Swag Force. The Swag Force managed to hit Articuno, and because of that, she accidentally fired the Ice Beam at a wall.

"Oops." Articuno said. "Sorry Arceus, I'm not going to fix your damn wall!"

"..." Arceus fired a Judgment at Articuno, but missed on purpose. Though, the Jugment hit the wall, and the Hall of Origin shakes.

Switching back to dialogue...



(Swaglett): Tch.

Swaglett teleported away.

Raikou wakes up.

(Raikou): Hzghwah?

To be completed soon...

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