[On a Castle at the edges of OZ, Slenderman screams on the edge, screaming at his proxies.]


[A bunch of Proxies jump up and grow wings. Masky, Hoody, and Kate jump up and start flying with the rest of the flying monkey proxies away from the castle towards the Yellow Brick Road. Meanwhile, Dorothy and gang are on the road. ] 

[Scarerow]: I think I see the Wicked Witch's castle!

[Tin Man]: That's not the Wicked Witch's...

[Lion]: Oh no... IT'S THE FLYING PROXIES. 

[Suddenly, Masky, Hoody, and Kate jump at Dorthy and grab her dog. Kate starts bitting the dog as Masky drags her away into the dark spooky forest.]

[Dorthy]: Let me go... NOOOOO

[Hoody sets Scarecrow on fire while Pedobear rapes the Lion as he cries. ] 

[Lion]: Why am I always raped? WHY???

[The Tin Man is attacked by the Proxies as Pedobear continues to rape the Lion before leaving. Lion begins to cry and runs away with the Tin Man as Slenderman appears and takes them all. A few hours later... the Wicked Witch's monkeys arrive to see blood everywhere and no people. ] 

[Monkey]: Looks like Pedobear raped the lion again and Slenderman got them all. 

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