This is the 13th Chapter of Doctor Who: Break it

14th Chapter is right this way-->


River came to a blue door. This is the house. The nanny, Clara Oswin. She knocks on the door two times. A shout "Coming!"  came two seconds right after. River wore her sparkling yellow-grayn platinum dress, completed by heels and a small black jacket. In her black jacket is a pistol. Her bracelet is actually a time watch that should only be used on occasion that are needed.

Clara opens the door.

"Hello," Clara greets River. She takes a minute to admire the woman's dress. "Nice dress. where did you get i--"--River let herself in--"Hey!"

The two children Clara is babysitting are doing their homework unassumingly.

"Clara Oswin Oswald." River picks up the black phone as if it were some model she hadn't been accustomed to. River puts it back down looking to the woman who would be their best chance in the entire universe.  She may not understand this at all, River concludes, But Clara will understand sometime in the future. "I need your help."

Clara is not clearly catching up with her.

"Go ask for someone elses help, and get out," Clara opens the door. "I don't know you nor does the family of this house."

River laughs.

"It's about the Doctor," River begins, catching the attention of the kids. "He brought me here."

Clara does not seem convinced about this 'Doctor;.

"Doctor who?" Clara raise an eyebrow,  "Who is this Doctor?"

"Clara, shut the door, heat doesn't get generated to be let outside!" A girl's voice is heard to be complaining and hitting the table with her head very so lightly. "I can't study for crying out loud worrying!" River laughs at this unusual child most people would be tilting their heads at when learning about she worries over the slightest things.

Clara shuts the door.

"You will be right back, the kids are safe."  River assures Clara.

Clara looks to River.

"What are you talking about?"  Clara is confused by River's wording.

River points to a watch on the table.

"Clara, who are you talking to?" A boy's voice comes from another room.

River signals Clara to say something out of the ordinary.

"Just a..." Clara tries understanding River's hand signals.Clara picks up the watch that is not really of this world she lives in. It's got these strangely shaped golden thin rods pointing at different numbers, and a row of  slightly wide screens are showing the date,year, and time. "Time traveling projection?"

River nods.

"Whatever you say," The child mumbles, working on his studying.

River presses the button for Clara and took her to Trenzelore.


Deeeeooo weeeeoooooooooo

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