Adventure Time: Wrath of The Lich is a movie made by Nar, It's about The Lich trying to take over Ooo, But then Finn destroyed him and never come back. Well, That's what they think. The Lich created a dark clone of Finn and kidnapped every candy people in Ooo.


The Lich comes back for his revenge on finn, So he created a dark clone of Finn and Kidnapped everyone.

Then everyone found out it was finn (But they didn't know it was an Imposter) So Finn was locked in the dungeon.

Finn tries to break out and defeat his dark clone, But FP came to help him with an army of fire soldiers.

Finn woke up from his dream in the Adventure World and woke up in real life.


Finn woke up

Finn: Jake? Jaake? Where are you?

Finn goes down to the living room

Finn: Beemo? Jake? Hello? anybody here?

Finn come outside and ran to the candy kingdom

Finn: PB? Cinnamon Bun? Starchy? Anyone?

Finn roams around in the Candy Kingdom hoping for a candy people.

Finn sees the deer.

Finn: You again! What did you done to them?

Deer: I'm the ordinary deer that broke your leg last time. Or am I extra-ordinary?

Finn: What do you mean? That's it, I'll slay you.

Deer turns into The Lich.

The Lich: Welcome to my universe!

Finn: Wha-what? Gleeb Glob it, Where am I?

The background suddenly changes into a purple space.

The Lich: You're in THE LICH UNIVERSE! Look around you.

Finn looks around until...

Finn: Jake!?! Beemo?!?! PB?!? What have you done to them?

The Lich: Ahh Finn, When will you ever learn?

Finn: I'm 14, Now die!

The lich locks finn into a cage.

Finn: Get me out of here so I can spank your bubble butt!

The lich starts the cloning but someone came in.


Finn: Lemongrab? What the flip are you doing here?

Lemongrab: Saving your lives.

The lich throws lemongrab in the wall


Lemongrab shoots lazer from his sword.

But The lich clashes it with his demon beam.

Finn breaks out using his Sword from his dad.


Finn cuts the lich in half, black smokes came.

Finn: Thanks Grabgrab.

Lemongrab: Your- WELCOOOMEEEE

Finn: Wha the heh?

Everything changes back when Finn wakes up this morning/

Finn: Jake?

Jake: Finn?

Beemo: BEEMO?

To be finished.

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