The Adventures of A & O is an animated series my Ahmad. It talks about Ahmad and Ousama's Adventures. Screen (1)


  • Starring: Yellow - Ahmad
  • Blue - Oussama
  • Grey Rabit - Odessy
  • Dark Green - Imad
  • Light Green - Mhammad
  • Purple - Zein
  • Black - Black Demons
  • Orange - Jad
  • Black with mask - Batman
  • Grey - Sharko
  • Grey (Girls) - Sharka
  • Red (Girl) - Mrs. Saati (Ahmad's Mother)
  • Pink (Girls) - The Evil Girls
  • Pink Girl (with horns) - Sarah
  • Black (Large) - Sharkey


Wierdly, Eps 1 --> 8 are made by 10-year-old Ahmad in 2010. but Eps. 9 and on is made in 2012

  1. "Mission Accomplished"
    • Nothin' Much. Pilot.
  2. "Under Control"
    • Sharko aveneges Sharka by mind controling Oussama.
  3. "Sharko Returns"
    • Sharko is revealed to remain alive and attempts to get revenge!
  4. "Black Revenge"
    • The Black Demons want to avenge their dead leaders.
  5. "Girl Trouble"
    • The Devil Girls, lead by Sarah, come to town and wreck havoc.
  6. "Let The Games Begin!"
    • Ahmad invents an App featuring the team fighting Black Demons in it.
  7. "Odessy's Glee"
    • Batman gifts Ahmad and Oussama a pet fighter, Odessy, but Jad also wants it!
  8. "Wolf Bane"
    • Oussama's Grandpa debuts telling the Team about a Dangerous Wolf.
  9. "Omnifity"
    • A Black Demon who evolved, wants to avenge the rest of his kind.


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