Ahmad: Oh, oh yeah this feels good.

Girl: Yeah, uh, uh, uh, uh.

Ahmad: I love your pussy.

Girl: Me too, she is so adorable.

A pussy cat is revealed to be on Ahmad's lap and he is petting while saying out loud what the cat is thinking. While the girl is stupid and keeps saying uh.

Jack walks in.

Jack: Holy shit Ahmad you having an affair?

Ahmad: What the hell man. This is my cousin. Also I'm not married.

Jack: Oh yeah. AH a cat!

He ran away.

Ahmad: Now that, that is over wanna play I Spy.

Cousin: You are such a fucking moron.

She grabbed him by the arm and threw him into the wall.

Jack came back in.

Jack: Holy fuck you killed Kenny!

Ahmad: My name isn't Kenny.

Jack: You get hurt every episode.

Ahmad: True.

Jack: So take this!

He pulled out a Machete and stabbed Ahmad.

Ahmad: W...h...y

Jack: To keep the gag running. You will be revived in the next episode though.

Dead: Not anymore! This show finally has a villain.

Jack: You'll be back next episode after I kill you/

Dead: You won't kill me thoug-

Jack stuck his Machete on his dick.

Jack: Stab you in the balls! LOL remember the time when I kicked peope in the balls and-

Lego: Hi!

Jack: Who the hell are you?

Lego: A new character on the show.

Jack: Yay! High five!

They jump in the air and high five. 30 Minutes later.

Lego: I love watching Smosh.

Jack: IKR.

Lego: Can I move in with you like everyone else did?

Jack: Not everyone. Only Ahmad, Zon, Denica and you.

Lego: Me? Yay! More highfives!

They jumped in air and froze halfway, highfiving.


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