Skull was taking a shit in a portapotty, masturbaiting. Suddenly it lifted up into public as he splerected his cum everywhere. A mom covered her son's eyes.


Skull: Everyone does it. I bet you do with a dildo.

She gasped then walked off. She came back with a cop.

Cop: He is obviously stuck. Dumb blond bitch.

Son: Dumb blond bitch.

Mom: Billy don't say that!

Son: Whore.

Skull: What the fuck are they saying? Huh well I guess my shit is over.

He put his pants back on, jumped off of the portapotty and walked home.

Jack: You smell like doody.

Nick: Good to know.

Jack held his nose and walked away. Nar turned on the TV. Skull's embarrassing moment was on TV!

Skull: Oh fuck.

He committed suicide. Ahmad walked in.

Ahmad: He killed N-

He exploded.

Dead: Poop

He exploded

Jack: Bastard

He didn't explode

Lego: Hamburger

He exploded

Jack: Bitch

He didn't explode

Denica: Whore

She didn't explode

Zon: Sperm

He didn't explode

Jack: Dildo

He didn't explode

Denica: Idiot

She exploded

Zon: Idiot isn't a cussword! Oh crap

He exploded

Jack: Asshole. (trollface)


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