is a series by Ship.


Tommy is the new reincarnation of the Avatar after the Earth one. Tommy was born on a United Republic ship and was raised in the cargo hold of one by a Firebending hobo. He eventually comes out at age 13 to find out the nations are fighting each other, and that these are the nations participating in the war:

  • Northern Water Tribe (Now known as Bloodbending Republic)
  • Southern Water Tribe (Now known as Water Tribe of World)
  • United Republic of Air Acolytes and Airbenders
  • Earth Kingdom
  • Fire Nation
  • Equalists

Tommy then leaves with the hobo to hide as an Air Acolyte, and 3 years later heads out disguised was an Air Nomad soldier.


Tommy was in a fight with Brooks.

(Brooks): Time to take your bending away, like the rest of my prisoners.

(Tommy): You won't do this, Brooks!

Tommy blasted some fire at Brooks. It was a weak shot.

Some Air Elite broke in and started firing air blasts at Brooks. Bloodbending Guards started fighting the Air Elite. Tommy fired some icicles at Brooks. He dodged them all. Tommy began chi-blocking Brooks, but Brooks fired the Air Elite at Tommy with Bloodbending. Brooks jumped up and kicked Tommy in the face. Tommy had burned his way up to the roof. Brooks jumped up, and bloodbended a Whalephant and sent it at Tommy.

Tommy was knocked down, his blood splattering all over the ground.

It was death by whale.


  • Tommy
  • Hobo Mick
  • Air Nomad Leader Jared
  • Bloodbending Republic Leader Brooks
  • Earth King Benjamin
  • Fire Lord Iroh Junior
  • Water Queen Rene
  • Equalist Leader N
  • Air Nomad Pilots
  • Air Nomad Soldiers

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