BangBall Revolution is a new series by AB.
Bangball Revolution

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At one point in time, all of the earth was stormy. So stormy, that a world-wide earthquake happened. An earthquake that destroyed many things. Storms+earthquake+destruction created special eggs. These eggs were scattered all over the earth and evolved in all kinds of different habitats. When they were hatched, each one contained a ball that had the powers of the environment it grew up in. These were named BangBalls.

People collected the hundreds of BangBalls. A game called Boom Bang Bam was formed by using these balls to battle. Each match was called a Boom Match. Everyone hated one villain with most of the BangBalls, so they all battled him at once, but the villain easily defeated him with his several BangBalls. One boy found the universe BangBall. He battled the villain and easily defeated all of his BangBalls. The defeat was so powerful, all of the BangBall battlers were wiped away, and the BangBalls became wild and scattered. A group of battlers must find the universe BangBall before any villains find it.

Rules of Boom Bang Bam

  • There is no limit to the number of players.
  • In official matches, a machine makes an arena. Otherwise, any area can be used as one.
  • The battlers launch their BangBalls with special guns.
  • They command their BangBalls by ordering it to use moves it would be able to use. Like the weather BangBall could boost itself with lightning.
  • You win by either getting rid of all of your opponent's health points (health points vary by BangBall, and your BangBalls can level up for more power and health points), or knocking your opponent's BangBall out of the arena to the point where they can't get back on.
  • If your BangBall gets to any of the opponent's sides, they get 6 health points back. Then, they have to go to their side and back if they want to get 6 more health points.
  • All BangBalls become more powerful when they have 1 health point left. Battlers can choose to bring their BangBall in if they have 1 HP, then put in a different BangBall. After that BangBall loses, the player can bring in one more different BangBall.


  • Yorudan Esto
  • Shag Kilton
  • Jerry Goldman
  • Puella Alleup
  • Sal van Jo


  • Mr. Long
  • Mrs. Tall
  • Suki Frogfort
  • Vending Machine Robot


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