Black Phoenix's human form is a pale short boy with black hair, black eyes, and black circles under his eyes. He wears battle armor in human form. He might a darkness aura if accessing his powers in human form.

He has the ability to transform into a phoenix, an eagle-like bird made of black fire, notable for his spread wings. He has glowing red eyes in phoenix form.


Black Phoenix is extremely proud, using "We" to refer to himself. He uses complicated English, and does not use contractions.

Black Phoenix tends to brag about the mightiness of his Phoenician heritage, and his devastating power.

Black Phoenix does not take insults easily, and holds grudges for long durations.

Black Phoenix is a hypocrite; he sees all other beings as inferior to himself, and underestimates them.


  • Black Pyrokinesis
    • Black Phoenix can coat himself with his signature black fire.
    • Black Phoenix can breath devastating black fire flames to burn through objects.
    • Black Phoenix is immune to all types of fire, especially black fire.
    • Black Phoenix's fire is devastating, able to severe one's soul.
  • Rebirth
    • Black Phoenix can be reborn at dawn from any black fire. This is his signature ability.
  • Flight
    • Black Phoenix can soar through the air at magnificent speeds, leaving trails of black fire.
  • Darkness Aura
    • Black Phoenix can envelop himself with a darkness aura to increase his abilites.
  • Black Phoenix is at his peek of power during a solar eclipse.


Black Phoenix is a very delicate mixture of the day and night, as both can both decrease his powers and increase them. This means he gets weaker during the sunset and dawn, and can be killed easily then.

Black Phoenix requires his flames to survive.

Black Phoenix is sensitive to water. If washed into water, his flames will go off, and he will die.

Black Phoenix's signature weakness is White Water, a pure form of water that can destroy his Black Fire.

Black Phoenix is arrogant, and no doubt a hypocrite. He tends to underestimate enemies.


  • Black Phoenix
  • Son of Dagan


  • He will be featured in an upcoming media by Ahmad that probably will not be published here.

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