The Blast Gauntlet is a glove that attaches to the wielder's arm and lets him or her use it like their own hand... EXCEPT WITH MEGA AWESOME POWERS! It is used in Rex's Arsenal.
Blast Gauntlet

The Hand of Epicness

How It Works

The Blast Gauntlet uses neuroscanners that attach to your skin. To control it, your brain waves transmit to the Gauntlet to make it activate. For example, if you thought, 'Blast Gauntlet! Activate Arm Cannon!' the Gauntlet would become a cannon. To switch it off, think 'Blast Gauntlet! Power down!' and it will come off of your wrist.

Known Transformations

Arm Cannon

The Gauntlet morphs into a cannon. You can charge the plasma shots to make them more powerful. It can also shoot lasers.


The metal spikes on the Gaunlet grow and can be used for stabbing.

Boxing Glove

The fist grows and can perform AWESUM PAWNCHES


  • Fist- Used to pawnch! It is used in the Arm Cannon and Boxing Glove.
  • Spikes- These make the Gauntlet look cooler. They are used in the Slicer.
  • Red Light- Flashes when there is something wrong with the Gauntlet.
  • Transformation Gear- Located in the center of the Gauntlet.




  • This can kill you.

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