Now listen to me ladyBefore I lie and deceieve youThey call me yard breakerI don't wanna have to kill you
If I blow up a treeI still won't be pleasedI'm might tear flowers apart Told you from at the start, at the start
I'm only gonna blow up your beautiful yardI know that your dog will be off-guardI'm only gonna blow up your beautiful yardThen I'll leave, only after taking your gazebo apart
There's no point in leaving the squirrels aliveNo point letting the chimpmunks not dieI know I got a problemProblem with Trinitotroluene

If I get stung by a beeSo reckless I'll beI might tear you apartTold you at the start, at the start
I'm only gonna blow up your yardUnless the job gets too hardI'm only gonna blow up your yardThen I'll take all your fatty lard
And I know karma's gonna get that tree for being so oldLike that big bad wolf, in the forest I nuked yesterdayIf you fall on the lever, it'll only blow up your yardShoulda told you at the start
I'm only gonna blow your yardThe explosion will be so large, and happy I'll beI'm only gonna place some more TNTThen I'll blow up your yardI just blew up your yardAnd your Batman prop, that cool razor cardI just blew up your yardOh no, your pulse stopped, I literally broke your heart

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