Blue's Big Day is the first episode of Blue's Clues: The Detective Adventures.


After the Blue's Clues Intro, we zoom towards Blue's Clues house. Blue: Bow! Ahmad: Hello there! I am Ahmad! You're wondering where Joe or Steve are. Let me tell you. Steve raged on Joe, and slew him with a chainsaw! Steve is now in prison for eternity, but that shouldn't stop our fun, right, kids? Blue: Bow! Ahmad: So, I'm Blue's owner now! Blue: Bow! Ahmad and Blue enter Blue's Clues house. Ahmad turns to You. Ahmad: Today is a very special day. Blue: Bow! Ahmad: Do you know what it is? Children: Halloween? Ahmad: That's in October Children: Christmas? Ahmad: That's in December Children: Easter! Ahmad: Nope. That's in April! Children: Mmm... Ahmad: Come on, use your empty husk excuses for brains!  Children: BLUE'S BIRTHDAY! Ahmad: Yes! Blue dances Blue: Bow! Ahmad: Birthday little boy! Ahmad pets Blue. Children: Ahmad, Blue is a girl! Ahmad: Oh. Right. Blue: Bow! Ahmad: Sorry little gal! Blue: Bow! Ahmad: But there's a problem... Children: Problem?  

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