Poster. Meh

Blue's Clues: The Detective Adventures is a new series created by Ahmad and Steve


In this spin-off to the original Blue's Clues series, a more mature version, with advanced technology, more character development, less main character stupidity, more intelligence, more clues within the episode, more comedy and MORE BLUE!


  • Ahmad (played by Ahmad)
  • Blue (played by Steve)


Fan List


  • So basically, Ahmad googled a random person in a detective coat and he scrolled waaaaaay down in the results to obtain an unused image so far. Then, he added the fedora, and sunglasses, added the guy to the poster, and all thanks to Photoshop.
    • Ahmad has no idea who the person is. Hopefully its an actor. But he chose him to be similar to him, at the very least. The hair, eyes and build is different, but hey.

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