News Anchor: And there is a new disease where you brain makes a fart, causing your head to explode. Scientists call it brain fart.

Tron: (head farts) HOLY FUCK HELP M-

He exploded. 

Nick: Actually I blasted him with the AMDB but-


Nick's head farted.

Nick: If I go down, I do it my way.

He took a RPG and blasted him self.

Denica: Idiots.

She walked into the room.

Jack: How are you not dead?

Denica: I have no brain.

Dead: Ditto.

Sham: What they said.

Lego came in.

Lego: I went to the park and pranked Muscle Man with Mordecai and Rigby.

Sci: That'

Solo: Did you rape him?

Lego: No,

Solo: I raped Ancy last night.

Ancy: I thought I raped you.

Solo: Whatever

They went to Solo's room and had sex.

Jack: (facepalm)

Ancy's head farted.

Solo: Oh god.

He started to run but then his head farted.


The Earth explloded when the Mine Turtle got hit by a rainbow.

Jack: I'm in space.

Sklei: Master, how does thou work? We are above yonder.

Toon: Da fuck.

Sci: Whatever. Just be happy that we are ali-

His head farted.

Toon: Noooooooo!

They all exploded.

Skull: Uhhh, guys? I'm back from the grocery store. I'll just go to my room then.


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