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Bushes in the House is a user series written by Rob, and co-created by Yopo.


Sif, the son of George Bush, marries Yoponot Clinton, son of Bill Clinton and brother of Miguel Clinton. Their marriage is widely accepted by their whole family, and their lives basically become a sitcom. Also, the family is loved by the Trumps, the best tweeters in history, which only adds onto it! Watch them embark on stupid, pointless journeys to stay out of bankrupcy and pay the bills!


Bushes in the House was first thought up of by Yoponot and PokeRob in August on BTFF. However, they were told it was "more for TEE". Over a month later, it has finally been brought over! Now, all that's left to do, is to write!


  • Sif Bush
  • George Bush
  • Yoponot Clinton
  • Mig Clinton
  • Bill Clinton
  • Rob Trump
  • Donald Trump


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