Cardmaster is a sentinel of Awesome Betterhero.


Chuck D. Ronaldson was a trading card game nerd. He collected every card of every TCG that was on the planet. One day, Awesome Betterhero met him and noticed his perfect collection of trading cards. Awesome Betterhero gave Chuck powers using his Awesomian power bestowal. Chuck then grew to a giant and gained the power to use cards with effects that come to life. Chuck's new name was Cardmaster.


Cardmaster is a giant man with a red shirt and green pants. On his shirt are the letters CM, along with three circles connected with lines. Cardmaster has a cool-looking helmet, blue eyes, and a belt that has cards in it.

Powers and Abilities

Cardmaster has the ability to use the effects of cards in real life. He wears a belt full of cards, but can pull cards from thin air. These cards come in 3 different varieties: Offense, Creature, and Support. There is no limit to the number of cards Cardmaster can play; however, he cannot play multiple cards at once.

As a giant, Cardmaster has heightened strength and durability.



  • Meteor Shower: The card Cardmaster is holding in his hand in the picture. He spawns meteors to attack an opponent(s).
  • Baseball Bat: A giant baseball bat swings and hits an opponent(s).
  • Sucker Punch: An opponent gets sucker punched.
  • Turtle Cannon: A giant cannon attached to a turtle shell fires a cannonball.
  • Black Hole: A near unescapable black hole appears to suck up an opponent(s).
  • Paintball Gun: Cardmaster gains a paintball gun.


  • Green-Eyes White Dragon: Based off of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh!. It is a giant white dragon with green eyes (duh).
  • Pyramid Turtle: A giant turtle with a pyramid for a shell.
  • Sun Commander: A man who can control the sun and can use it to attack opponents.
  • Genetically Enhanced Giant Earthworm: A giant earthworm that starts below the ground and comes up, engulfing enemies.
  • Knight: Often spawned in groups, a knight will chase an opponent.
  • Regenerative Zombie: A zombie that throws slime and regenerates.
  • Obsidianchest: A slow, bulky, shirtless guy made from obsidian. He is really durable.


  • Forcefield: A giant forcefield appears over Cardmaster and/or allies.
  • Wings: A target gains wings.
  • Card Shield: A wall of cards appears in front of Cardmaster, shielding him from attacks.
  • Portal: A portal to anywhere appears.
  • Shrink: A target shrinks to the size of a grain of rice.
  • Grow: A target grows to the size of 2 elephants stacked on top of each other.
  • Mirror: A giant mirror appears used to reflect things like lasers or light.

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