Charzo J. Puggison is the leader of P.U.G.. He is based off of the user LEGOpug4 thePug.

Charzo Puggison
Vital statistics
Title Teh Smug Pug
Gender Male
Race 15/16 Human, 1/16 Pug-Dog
Faction P.U.G.
Health NA
Level NA
Status Tech Expert, Warrior
Location P.U.G. Headquarters


Charzo is a human with a small amount of pug-dog in him, mostly affecting his brain. (Making him insane) He leads P.U.G., a secret corporation.

P.U.G. DNA Switcher

Charzo has a devise that allows him to transform into different creatures. In P.U.G. labs, mutations are held in containment capsules. The DNA Switcher is wirelessly hooked up to these, allowing Char to transform into them.


Lego Pug has currently not made a show for him, but one may come.



~ Charzo Puggison (Leader) ~


~ Monoangler ~ Gulplanter ~


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