is a miniseries by Sol.


Turmoil has engulfed the
Galactic Republic Wiki. The trolls are trolling the chat and spamming the pages.

Hoping to resolve the matter
with a blockade of deadly
battleships, the greedy Troll
Federation has stopped all
shipping to the small wiki of Naboo.

While the congress of the
Republic endlessly debates
this alarming chain of events,
the Supreme Staff Finish Valorum has
secretly dispatched a  Wiki
Admin and a Wiki Chatmod, the guardians of
peace and justice in the
internet, to settle the conflict.

The admin, QuiGonn Jinn, and the chatmod, ObiWan Kenobi, are attempting to visit the Galactic Trolling Republic ship Sock'ock and talk with Viceroy Noob Gunray. Darth Spammious orders Noob to kill the two Wikians upon arrival. Their page, Rollback VII, is destroyed, but the two escape by using Wiki speed.

They stow away on a Federation page being moved to the Naboo Wiki.

Meanwhile, Staff member Queen Amidala is confronting Noob Gunray about his fake pages covering the Naboo Wiki. He remarks it wouldn't happen on Wikipedia, because they have better staff (this is fuqing true).

Meanwhile, Amidala was chatting with Darth Spammious on Hologram Wiki, only for it to glitch because it's still obviosu it wouldn't happen on Wikipedia.

Meanwhile, on the wiki, QuiGonn saves local newbie Jar Jar Binks. This was the most idiotic thing in the history of everything. Later, two new spam pages pop up but are deleted by QuiGonn.


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