Cyborg Carnage is a book written by Ermac270. I was inspired to write a story about a female cyborg who has superhuman strength, after watching the Batman Beyond episode, Terry's Friend Dates A Robot.

Chapter I

A figure emerged from a chamber. The silhoutette of the figure was broad. Clouds of smoke filled the testing room. A young technician convulsed. As the clouds of smoke dissipated, the figure was promulgated to be a woman. The woman was blonde and displayed a ashen attire. The woman's name was Jenna. She stood in a truimphant stance. The young technician, Mitch withdrawed himself from the sector. Willis, a proficient analyst settled down a remote on a lectern. He altered the positon of his trifocals and advanced towards Jenna. The woman gyrated and grasped her hand around his neck, elevating him from the linoleum. Jenna propelled him against a panel. She bolted and thrashed him against the panel. Willis' cadaver collapsed to the brumal floor. Mitch remigrated to the tesing room. Jenna gyrated and hurled him up to the dome. He plummeted against the linoleum. Jenna stood truimphant,then calcitrated him in the abdomen and the face. The woman raised her hand and percussed him in the face. She defenestrated him. A security guard came into view. He seized Jenna's arm. She seized his arm, pummeled her fist in his abdomen, maimed his arm, and fractured his neck. A scientist, Adam shared the revelation he attained a pistol. Jenna bolted and grasped his pistol. She calcitrated him in the groin, nose, and the abdomen. The woman grasped her hand and easily overpowered him, resulting in him being strangled. The pistol hammered to the linoleum. A technician, Bill bolted to retrieve the pistol, until Jenna calcitrated him in the throat.

Chapter II

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