DDRB (Demonic-death-ray-beam) is a dangerous gun that only Chuck Norris can handle. Demonic Death ray beam

It is too flamable and has no cooling system but instead, It has a heating system that make the hand warmed when fired, It has 2 modes.


  1. Skull Bow
  2. Bloodline Killer


Demonic Death ray beam instruction

  1. Demon Eye - This part of the gun is a fragile thing, When the orb opens from being fired so much, The demon eyeball rages and the gun will be extra dangerous than it is.
  2. Lazer Detector - It detects enemies that comes into the base. It also scans any people who is in disguised.
  3. Clear scope - The scope can reach until 50 km, Which can scope enemies bases and shoots them.
  4. (typo, 5) Demon Claw - It is the lever for the gun,
  5. (Typo, 6) Demon Aura - It makes the bullet more effective, The bullet will be covered in demonic aura.
  6. (typo, 7) Heating System - It makes the hand warm when fired in every shot (It gets hotter when the Demon Eye rages)
  7. (Typo, 8) Mode Selector - It selects 2 modes (Skull bow and Hell Sword)
  8. (typo, 9) Energy Boiler - It boils the energy of the gun, to help the Demon Aura to make it more effective.
  9. (Typo, 10) Bullet Case - You can either put : Demonic Crystal Or Hell Bombs


0.0 Testing, Succes

0.1 Used to defeat enemies

1.1 Contest started

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