I've always been a fan of Bakugan. So I was naturally psyched when I found a mask just like Masquerade's in a box inmy bed room. I must have had it before but never noticed.

I put it on. I felt... different. I raised up my hand. No... It wasn't my hand. I'd never seen it before. I walked to the bathroom and looked. I WAS MASQUERADE! My favorite villain! But I felt weird. I thought it was a headache for not wearing my glasses again. I wanted to go outside, but I didn't want to take the door. I decided to take a portal.

More like I was forced to take a portal.

I woke up in bed. The mask was on my desk. I ckecked the time. Late for school.

I packed it in my backpack. I hoped it would protect me from Evan. I walked into the portal from yesterday, I think it was yesterday.

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