Destiny  is a mini-series by The Awesome Jack, and is completely a drama thriller, opposed to his other comical series. There will be eight episodes, each in different points of the war. Each episode is an hour long.


The year is 2035. A new war has started, one against a threat once thought demolished.


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  • Jack "Section"-A twenty-eight year old unofficial secret NSA hacker who is kidnapped and transported for torturing by the main antagonist.
  • Sci "The Knight"-A warrior from a former group of assasins led by the empire but was disbanded after a incident where Sci's best friend was killed. He decides to get revenge against the Empire dictactor to honor his friend. He is an anti-hero, sometimes straying to the villain side.
  • AB "Shot Gun"-An orphaned child fathered by his uncle and tries to make light of everything. He was recruited when he gained the power of not feeling pain when he was stabbed then hit by a car and his bones are now metal. Fearing death at any moment, he cracks jokes to keep his mind occupied.
  • Ermac "Myles"-Having a similair yet different POV origin as Sci, Myles is horrified of his past. He worked with international crime lords and did drugs. Now reformed, he wants to redeem himself by helping the group defeat the empire.  He is a self-harmer, occasionaly slitting his wrists and thighs and refuses to eat.
  • Gavin "Blood Rose"-Once a convict in a aslyum he was released after fifteen years when he killed his parents.  He likes the tast of blood, being a cannibal. However, he agreed not to attack the group or any humans unless permitted by them. He has a nasty scar across his face from being possessed by a demon which often controls his body.


  • Planetarian Empire-A group of terrorists destined to make the Earth pure, reborn without eldery and disabled.
    • Unknown Empire Dicatctor-The man running all of the operations from behind the scenes.
    • Commander Rigwell-Commanding officer and the A branch, operating with over thirty thousand soldiers at his command.


  1. Origins
  2. Battle
  3. Prey
  4. Fight
  5. Reign
  6. Fly
  7. Death
  8. Fate
  9. Revenge
  10. Journey
  11. War
  12. Epilogue

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