The Disco Bandit boogies to and fro, hither and yon. Whence comes (s)he? No man knows. Whither strikes (s)he next? All men live in fear of him/her and his/her Moxie.

–How people describes the Disco Bandits.

The Disco Bandits are one of the classes in Kingdom of Loathing.
Disco Bandit

Special Abilities

Disco Bandits relies on their Moxie, so they can dodge attacks easily and use Ranged Weapons to defend themselves. They can also do an awesome disco dance which stuns their opponents.

"Advanced" and "Superhuman" Abilities

Disco Bandits has the Advanced ability to make advanced cocktails. They has the Superhuman Cocktailcrafting skill, too.

Notable Disco Bandits

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