Distant Kingdoms is a series created by Xandrea; about the three kingdoms have been brought back into the modern world. The kings, queens, princes, and princesses discover many things that the humans had once discovered; not only that, they must defeat one another.



  • Princess Honey: a plant monster-being who enjoys being lazy and loves EDM music to the core.
  • Princess QT: a dog-being who is a rival of Honey, and loves to keep fit and beautiful.
  • Lady Crimdark: a human/shark hybrid whose quite masochistic and power-hungry. She never likes the enjoyment of her own defeat at the wars.
  • Lanky King Gallen and Stout King Gorden: two very delicate kings, who enjoy nothing more than being served, but teased by other royals.

Citizens (Higher, Middle, and Lower)

  • Izebel Aniel: a middle class demon girl whose admires Princess Honey, and is a close friend to her as well. She is also a beginner at composing her own beats.

Episode List

Coming soon.


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