This is about a stand-alone series with ONE season, it's a fanfiction for Doctor Who. This fanfiction is by Speedy

Finished and published to TEE on 11.23.2013.


Twins, Twins, twins they were identical twins. Sam and Caleb had not ever been known who was who as they had been since birth, Folks said they had mysterious power unlike any individual known in the realm of reality as some denounced their abilities to be the work of the devil. But people still came for their help from all over the country hoping they could help. However, one day they simply disappeared in thin air. Not one has known what happened to them...until now.

Occurs before Day of The Doctor


The Doctor (Played by Matt Smith)

Clara Oswin

Caleb Burgendy

Sam Burgendy

Season 1

Chapter 1: Victorian Twins

Chapter 2: Gone as in?...

Chapter 3: What did the Twins do now? -Clara

Chapter 4: What did the Girls do now? -The Doctor

Chapter 5: What goes around isn't so nice -Clara

Chapter 6:  What goes around is irritating -The Doctor

Chapter 7: Doing dirty work -Clara

Chapter 8: Doing regrettably dirty work -The Doctor

Chapter 9: Sacrifices have to be made -Clara

Chapter 10: Sacrifices to be made part 1 -The Doctor

Chapter 11: Meanwhile...-Riversong

Chapter 12: Sacrifices to be made part 2 -The Doctor

Chapter 13: A task to do...-Riversong

Chapter 14: The Twins reveal

Chapter 15: A climatic ending


-The begining to end was written from notebook paper then typed up on Wattpad.

-Sci100 encouraged Speedy to post one of her Doctor Who Fanfictions.

-TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It's a blue telephone box that can travel in time and space. It's bigger by the inside and smaller by the outside. It can also regenerate itself under dire circumstances and is literletly alive.

-The Doctor is a time traveler with two hearts.

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