Drawthing is a sentinel of Awesome Betterhero.


One time, a boy was bored in school, so he doodled on his paper. The doodle was so perfect, that it came to life at human size. The doodle stole the boy's pencils, stuck them on his arms, and waddled away. The pencils gave the doodle the power to draw things that come to life. One day, Awesome Betterhero found the doodle and liked him, since they both liked to draw. Awesome Betterhero named him Drawthing and made him a sentinel.

Powers and Abilities

Drawthing can draw anything on any surface and it will come to life. As a doodle, Drawthing really has no shape, so can stretch himself for great distances, grow, and shrink.


As a doodle, Drawthing can very easily be erased, and sticks to paper.

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