You have something that isn't epic?

Well, you know, that's kinda tragic!

Wanna make everything in your life awesome?

Just buy Epik Sauce and nothing will be flawsome!
Epik Sauce


Buy Epik Sauce today! Anything you put it on will instantly become epic! Watch these customers!



A guy was surfing. Then a dolphin knocked him onto shore.

(Guy): I need something to make my surfboard epic!

A bottle of Epik Sauce appeared in his hand. He squirted some on his surfboard, and rocket boosters grew. He surfed in the air.

Vegetable Party

Some twins were trying some food at a vegetable party.

(Girl): Eww. All this food is gross.

A man came up to them.

(Man): You need a bottle of Epik Sauce!

The man squirted some Epik Sauce on the food. The twins tasted it.

(Boy): Yummy!


A boy was writing a report. The writing was messy, and there was a really sloppy picture of a T-Rex. The boy squirted some Epik Sauce on it, and there was awesome writing with an awesome picture.

(Boy): Epic!

The boy handed it in, and he got an A+. He squirted some Epik Sauce on it, and it became an Infinity+. The boy ate some Epik Sauce, and a guitar appeared. He played it epically.


Just $777 dollars an epic fortnight.

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