The following is an episode guide for the epic series,  The Legend of Jack: The Epicness Continues.


Season 1

Title Written by Original airdate Production code
Like Father, Like Son The Awesome Jack December 15th, 2013 101
Jack discovers he has a son and must bear with the new responsibility of being a father.
Nick Nukes The Awesome Jack December 22nd, 2013 102
Nick is now a crook with his gang and they are trying to create Nuclea Ultima or Ultra Nuke but are consistently failing.
Down at the Park The Awesome Jack December 29th,, 2013 103
Junior learns to take care and love Pug.
I'm the Goddamn Bat Toon The Awesome Jack January 6th, 2014 104
Organized crime has taken over. Only one vigilante can save the day. Bat Toon.
White Chocolate The Awesome Jack January 15th, 2014 105
Lego's stage name, White Chocolate, drives the girls nuts. But when girls get to obsessed, Lego may become melted chocolate.
Mental Shit The Awesome Jack January 24th, 2014 106
Zon tries to get help but is sent to an asylum. Now, he has to break his way free before Dark Lord kills him for being captured.
Bar Fight The Awesome Jack January 31st, 2014 107
Ahmad's pub is doing great until two drunkards, Micheal and Terrence, come in babbling about how great some Nick guy is. Ahmad wants them out but they have over plans......
Late Night With Sklei The Awesome Jack February 7th, 2014 108
Sklei recaps everything that has happened within the season and tells us what to expect in the future. Also, he makes fun on daily things that are going on with his co-anchor.
After Party Mania The Awesome Jack February 14th, 2014 109
Sci has his concert in Las Vegas with his three band members. After the show, they decide to have some fun.
Partay People The Awesome Jack February 28th, 2014 110
Jack throws a house party at things go pretty crazy.
Pug Stealer The Awesome Jack March 9th, 2014 111
A new neighbor moves into Baxter's old house. His name is Nathan. He seems friendly and all but secretly, he's a dog napper. He steals Pug and is preparing to adopt. Jack and Junior have a race against time to save their beloved pug, Pug.
Bomb ze Russians The Awesome Jack March 28th, 2014 112
Nick takes a fighter jet with his gang to test their nukes on Russia, Moscow. However, the authorities are not to friendly and shoot them down so now the group must escape or else Nick's plan will fail.
Bat Toon Vs. Dark Lord The Awesome Jack April 12th, 2014 113
Bat Toon has discovered the whereabouts of Dark Lord. Finding him, they duel. However, both think they know each other...
Strippers In a Bar The Awesome Jack April 30th, 2014 114
Ahmad has hired some female strippers for his bar. However, he gets Lego instead. Being upset, Lego helps him turn his bar into a gay so Lego still has a job.
Humpday Say What The Awesome Jack May 13rd, 2014 115
Being freed from the asylum yet trapped in the middle of the desert, Zon must face the challenge of survival...alone.
Black Friday Mania The Awesome Jack May 22nd,  2014 116
Savannah goes to the mall on Black Friday and must fight her way through to get Junior the Xbox One he wanted.
Minors The Awesome Jack June 3st, 2014 117
Junior has become bored and tried to sneak into Ahmad's bar. Then he tries to sneak into Lego's strip club. Tired of being a kid and not being able to do anything, Junior tries to prove to his dad that he can be a man.
Crime Fighting Saga The Awesome Jack June 12th, 2014 118
Dark Lord strikes again. Bat Toon retaliates as the next battle happens, one with a different outcome than last time.
Kneel Before Dark Lord The Awesome Jack June 26th, 2014 119
Zon says goodbye to a good friend before making back to his master. Dark Lord and his men visit some sort of mysterious superlab for a drug trade. However, no one is trustsworthy including Dark Lord's newest recruit, Dylan Carmelo.
Forever Alone The Awesome Jack July 9th, 2014 120
When Sklei's show ends he becomes severely depressed. Ahmad, Zon, and Lego try to find him a mate but end up finding mates for everyone except Sklei.
Beggars Aren't Choosers The Awesome Jack TJuly 21st, 2014 121
Junior is trying to be cool at school but things are harder than expected. Sci goes on another date with Sky. Meanwhile, Nick contacts Bob. The test has failed. Ultra Nuke is incomplete. Dylan is unsure of Dark Lord's motives and decides to help Bat Toon instead.  Commissioner Jordans has slightly recovered and Toon helps him train. Dark Lord is angered with the death of Rick Monroe and needs a new henchmen to fill in the third spot for the venom injection. 
Battle Time The Awesome Jack TBA 122
The final battle takes place. Dark Lord has a vendetta against Dylan. Bat Toon destroys the Dark Lord persona, discovering the true identity. Ermac surrenders and Bat Toon spares him as long he promises not to do anything again. Since he beat his arch-nemesis, Toon retires as Bat Toon. George Stavonivich escapes. 

Season 2: War

Title Written by Original airdate Production code
Operation: Nuke  The Awesome Jack Unknown 201

Nick is frustrated with how is plan is going out. He plans to use a formula to create an Ultra Nuke. However, the authorities are beginning to notice him and Commissioner Jordans is recovered. WIth the law on his back, can he complete his plan?

World War Nuke The Awesome Jack Unknown 202
Nick unleashes his next step in his plans and must be stopped. However, he now owns  nukes, his inner gang, and filthy rich by kidnapping and killing William Tonks. Jack and Toon confront Nick but Nick wants world domination.
Ultra Nuke The Awesome Jack Unknown 203

Nick has perfected his Ultra Nuke serum and plans to bomb it on Jack's house. Sacrifices will be made to save the gang and possibly the world.

Infected  The Awesome Jack Unknown 204
Jack takes a group to go after Nick. However, a new deadly flu breaks out. They need to find a cure in the local CDC center before it's to late and Nick nukes the world. Meanwhile, Junior tries to convince Savannah he should be out there helping his dad. Savannah disagrees.
Isolation The Awesome Jack Unknown 205

Finding no cure, they make the sick people all drive in one car and the normal people in the other. However, the driver for the sick car just may not make it. Nick, now insane, raises his army and attacks the U.S. army. After taking control of America, he targets Russia next. Nick takes Jennifer hostage. The gang must figure out a way to rescue her. After Jennifer is killed on live TV, Jack swear to kill Nick.

War The Awesome Jack Unknown 206
A showdown occurs with the final outcome to be revealed and the aftermath changes everything.
Revelation The Awesome Jack Unknown 207
Nick is reveals to have survived and his group abandons him during the night. He loses the will to live and almost kills himself when he is taken in by a family. Pity turns to love and Nick sheds his old life. However, his old group finds him and they recruit him and his family in. Now trying to stay the loving father he is, how will he balance the old Nick and the new Nick?

Season 3: Moving On

Title Written by Original airdate Production code
Family Matters The Awesome Jack TBD 301

Nick's group is revealed to have continued the operations with a larger group. However, tension forms and a murder occurs with a decapitated man with a wooden board stabbed through his chest. The word "liar" is inscribed on it. Nick just wants to protect his family however it isn't as easy as it seems. Terrence is revealed to be the leader and Nick gets harrased when Terrence learns about his double life. In a sick twsit of fate, Nick kills his entire group and Tara is killed by Terrence in his dying breath.

The Dark Toon Rises

The Awesome Jack TBD 302
In a story, of love, betrayal and fate, Bat Toon dons the cowl once more when a thief steals his mother's pearls. However, the thief is actually this girl named Olivia Perri who loves Bat Toon and is also a vigilante then George Stavonivich returns as Bang and break's Bat Toon's back and then a cop named Justin Howard decides to help stop crime by secretly starting a revolt. Then Bat Toon's ally, Blake Kelly, reveals to be the real evil mastermind and stabs him then leaves with Bang. In the end, Bat Toon fakes his death by stopping a bomb and Justin dons the mantle of Bat Toon and takes over the Bat Cave.
Tension Kills The Awesome Jack TBD 303

Junior is shot during a altercation between Jack and two crooks. Junior is taken to the hospital and Jack feels responsible. Meanwhile, Nick has to live on with what he has done. He flees with his new family and buys the best house he can find, which is the house next to Jack's. Baxter's/Nathan's old house. Jack doesn't believe it is Nick. He believes he has gone to hell. Nick angrily attacks him but they sort things out. Ermac is revealed to have become insane is now hunting down Lego for unknown reasons.

The Choice The Awesome Jack Unknown 304

Sci is faced morally to "pull the plug" or keep the person on life support where he may never wake up. When Sci finds out that it's Junior's life in his hand, he travels to Nick for support. After Nick reveals he wants no contact with anyone in the house, Sci angrily plans a scheme which will result in every being happy. Kill Nick's family and wipe his memory.

A Moral Challenge The Awesome Jack Unknown 305

Sci, with the help of a deranged Ermac, puts his plan into action by having Nick report to a fake job interview created by him. Ermac kills the children while Sci decides he can't go through with it and chickens out. However, Ermac is blood-thirsty and finishes the job then when Nick returns, Ermac strikes him with a rock.

Clear The Awesome Jack Unknown 306

 Nick wakes up a day later in the hospital with no idea who he is. Jack finds him and takes him back to Nick's house and tries mold Nick to be the old Nick again,  before he went apeshit, before the war, when he was a good friend again. Meanwhile, Sci tells the doctor about his decision for Junior's fate.

We Find Ourselves The Awesome Jack Unknown 307

Jack finds out Junior's fate and in a state of grief, attacks Sci. Meanwhile, Savannah is handling her depression differently and goes to an orphange, picking out a new son. She calls Jack still but inside, she knows it someone else. Jack is forced to move on and bonds with his new son, Toby, a three year old.

Safety The Awesome Jack Unknown 308
Sci breaks down to Jack and reveals why he chose Junior's fate. Ermac goes to therapy to retain his senses. Ermac contemplates suicide but Ahmad stops him. Meanwhile, Nick is trying to adapt to his new life.
Years Behind Us The Awesome Jack Unknown 309
Zon and Sklei go hiking and are trapped under two wedged boulders. Truly believing they are going to die, Zon and Sklei retell stories of their best times.Jack's depression worsens and Toby learns to play with Pug.
An Old Friendship Lost The Awesome Jack Unknown 310
Sci tries to come in contact with Jack who still is in a state of grief. After a brutal fistfight, Sci decides he should stay out of his way. Meanwhile, Toon plots Ermac's death after he finds out he is insane. Ahmad's bar gets closed down and Ahmad, unemployed, resorts to drugs. However, Lego catches him and Ahmad flees. Lego decides to pursue him and the truth is shocking to Ahmad.
Here We Remain The Awesome Jack Unknown 311

Toon get's his arm blown off by a stray grenade during Bat Toon's training. Now suicidal, Toon tries to find peace by spending time with his old friends Nick and Sci. Nick rejects him and Sci is missing.

Life Among Them The Awesome Jack Unknown 312
Pugette dies of natrual causes and Pug becomes lonely. Toby tries to play with him but he refuses to eat or drink. Toby is more trouble than originally thought. Ahmad and Lego are forced to kill each other or they both die. Things don't go to well.
We Find Ourselves The Awesome Jack Unknown 313
Nick forgives everyone while Zon and Sklei escape the boulder, they discover Sci in a cave. Everyone is reunited except. They try to embrace one another but a shocking discovery emerges.
 One Word The Awesome Jack Unknown 314
Savannah is pregnant and Toby goes missing after he climbs through the doggy door . Jack takes a search group and are unsure if they can find him. Sci moves in with Nick in hopes of regaining their friendship.

The Suicide King

The Awesome Jack

Unknown 315
Ermac tries to regain his status as crime lord. Meanwhile, Ahmad feels like it is better if he left so he and Lego become roommates. Zon catches Toon tring to hang himself and stops him. Meanwhile, Savannah is having problems with her pregnancy and fears she might have a miscarriage.
Knight Within The Awesome Jack Unknown 316
Jack finally bonds with Toby. Meanwhile, Sklei moves out across the street because everyone else had a loss. He had nothing. Sklei decides to return to his roots and tries to visit England. However, he misses his flight but discovers it crashed. Sklei realizes he wasn't meant to be on that flight and searches for a purpose in his life.
Vulnerable  The Awesome Jack Unknown 317
After everyone had their weak points things start to look better for the group. Zon proposes to Thalia while Ermac goes into rehab. Meanwhile, Savannah and Toby bond. Zon moves out with Thalia and Ermac is gone as well. Toon decides to teach his apprentice to be Bat Toon and stays at the Bat Cave. Only Toby, Jack, Pug, and Savannah remain in the house.
Forgive, Forget, Remember The Awesome Jack Unknown 318
It was Junior's birthday. Everyone was going well. Toby and Jack have a steady relationship. However, Dead and the Anti's returns and in a rage, Jack isolates himself once more. Things worsen when Bloxx and co. return and still act immature as they used to. Soon the entire neighborhood is filled up with Jack's old roomates and everything goes wrong.

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