Ethan Khan, aka Whiplash, is a villain in Reborn.



His father had signed him up for military school, which angered him. He helped create the armors with Smitty.


He had just finished the Whiplash Harness when his dad came to take him away. He killed him and fought Smitty for the villainous armors, winning.

Abilities and Gear


  • Iron Man Armor Nightclub Prototype (edited and dubbed "Whiplash")
    • Two electrowhips
    • Limited flight
    • Infrared contact lenses
      • Night vision
      • Thermagraphic vision
  • Whiplash Harness (1999999)
    • Two electrowhips
  • Whiplash Mark II Armor (1999999)
    • High speed flight
    • Super strength
    • High damage resistance
    • Two plasmawhips


Ethan Khan is highly intelligent, rivaling Smitty's. He is cunning and manipulative, and does whatever it takes to get what he wants. He is a rutheless killer that is wanted by the FBI.

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