The Excaliburn is an epic flaming sword. Only Rex and his friends can wield it (thank you finger-scanners) and anyone else who isn't permitted to handle it explodes when they touch it. It uses flaming volcanic energy located in the hilt to lead enemies into a fiery death.

Known Wielders

  1. Rex
  2. Nick
  3. If you think you're man enough then you must pass my test.


  1. Volcanic blade- This was forged in the hottest volcano in the world.
  2. Hilt- The hilt is made of rubber to prevent the wielder from burning.
  3. Finger-scanners- These are built into the hilt.
  4. Guard- These can shoot fiery lasers.


  • Sets slashed people on fire
  • Shoots lasers
  • Gives wielder fireproof volcanic armor


  • YJ: Stabbed where it hurts


When you fuse the AMDB and the Excaliburn, you get an epic volcano shaped blaster with the parts of the AMDB and all the functions of the Excaliburn and double the power.

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