Flapjack and Chowder with K'nuckles is a parody by Xandrea, based on Cartoon Network's franchises, characters, and the mature-rated anime Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.


Flapjack and Chowder have been kicked out of their businesses due to their bad behavior. Captain Knuckles has to be in charge of the two, and the two must defeat Shadtoons and earn more sugar-coins to be renewed for another season.


Flapjack (Age 22), as Panty: A washed up fem-boy who has been searching for women to date; then sleep with. He's very fiesty and a bit rude not comparing to his childhood days. His pants turn into a candy cane-axe.

Chowder (Age 21), as Stocking: A chubby-sided mammal how enjoys nothing more then eating various foods. He goes into a boiling rage when he is called "obese" or a similar term. His tube socks turn into a giant fork and knife.

K'nuckles (Age 58), as Garterbelt: He was incharge of Flapjack, now he is for Chowder as well. He's often telling the two what to do accordingly.

"K'nuckles II" the Rat, as Chuck: Flapjack's sidekick, basically braindead and a bit insane. His inside out form is a rodent-canine.

Sally Syrup (Age 22), as Brief: Has a interest in sea life and steampunk fiction, she's called "Shellgirl" to Flapjack and Chowder. And she is usual timid towards Flapjack.

Finn (Age 23), as Scanty: The human man who is rather obsessed with rules and guidelines throughout. He's a rival for Flapjack. His hat turns into a slightly-large sword.

Jake (Age 39), as Kneesocks: The magical dog who shares the obsession with guidelines with his friend; but he is wiser than his friend. His collar turns into a ball on a chain.

Ice King (Age is unknown, but seems old), as Corset: The mayor, or leader of Cartoon City. He is the "boss" of Finn and Jake. He also has a "thing" for latex robes, chains, and shackles.

B-MO, as Fastener: He is a rival towards "K'nuckles II"; even though he is prone to injuries. His inside out form is a giant robot.

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