Nick: What the fuck is this?

Jack: My dick.

Nick: Not that you fucking moron this!

Jack: Holy shit that is AMDB!

Nick: Fucking what? I thought they were just a myth.

Zon: I'm going to commit suicide.

Nick: I have a better idea!

He loaded, aimed and fired. Zon exploded. Ahmad walked.

Ahmad: Oh fuck my li-

He exploded too.

Nick: This is fucking awesome.

Jack: IKR

Meanwhile Dead was in his mom's basement.

Dead: Mommy?

Mom: Yes you worthless piece of crap known as my son?

Dead: Can you wipe my fatass? I am to retarded too.

Mom: No go fuck yourself.

Dead: Forever alone.

He ran to Jack's house.

Nick: Take this bitch! For the win!

He shot Dead. He exploded.


Sham: Uh, mommy?

He exploded.

Jack: Dude no!

He exploded.

Nick: Mwhahahahahahahaha. Idiots.

Denica: Whadda ya say?

Nick: This bitch!

He shot are hit. It deflected towards him.

Nick: What the fuck-

He exploded.

Denica: Boobs of steel bitches!

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