Jack: Heeeeeeeeeey sexy ladies oop, oop, oop, oopa gannam style.

Dead: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey wealthy ladies Mitt MItt Mitt Mitt Mitt Romney Style

Denica: Heeeeeeeeeeeey Invader ladies fart fart fart farting Zim style

Zon: Heeeeeeeeeeeeey bacon piggies ham ham ham ham and cheese style

Skull: Heeeeeeeeeeey Domo ladies RAWR RAWR RAWR RAWR Domo style

Solo: Hey Galvanic Mecomorph ladies you you you only have one eyyyyyyye

Sklei: Hey young wenches woo woo woo Forever Knight style

Nar: Hey emo ladies goth goth goth Oppa Nar style

Tron: Heeeeey programs woop woop woop woopa Matrix style

Ahmad: Heeeeeeeeeey smart nerds you think smart!

Jack blasted him with the AMDB.

Nick: Hey exploding Cree Cree Cree Creepah Creeper style

Jack: (facepalm): You bitches ruin it. Anyone else who sings it can tase my Norwegian balls.

Zon, not listening: Heeeeeeeeeeeeey bacon piggies-Oh fuck.

Jack zipped down his pants and turned his head as did everyone else. Zon started crying.

Lego: Uh, uh uh achoo!

He sneezed all over Jack's dick.

Jack: Dude what the fuck?

Zon: Good Lego.

Zon waked away as Jack zipped his pants up.

Ancy: I'm disturbed.

Jack: Welcome to the epic life of mwah.

Napoleon Dynamite: Wanna train to use nunchucks.

Jack: Fuck yes

Two Weeks Later

Jack: Hiya!

He whacked Sham's head off with some nunchunks.

Jack: Fuck yes bitches.


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