Short N Snappy
Season 1, Episode 1
Written by StreetM
Directed by StreetM
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Getting Into A Fight (Boys vs. Girls) is the first short in Short N Snappy

Getting into a Fight (Boys)

In a hallway with only white walls, a boy is walking with his phone in the hand, looking at the screen, unknown to him, he accidently collides with another boy.

[Boy 2]: Hey, can't you watch where you're goin'?!

[Boy 1]: You could've avoided the collison, homie. Surely you're the blind one here.

[Boy 2, getting angry]: I'm not blind, you are, you piece of s***!

Boy 2 provides a soft push to Boy 1's chest in rage. Boy 1 puts his phone on the ground, ready to fight.

[Boy 1]: You mad the biggest mistake of your life!

Boy 1 punches Boy 2 in the chest.

[Boy 2]: You dare?!

Boy 2 lunges at Boy 1 like a beast. While fighting Boy 2 exclaims 'YOU'RE NOT GOIN' ANYWHERE!'. 

5 Minutes Later..

[Boy 1]: Okay bro, I'm sorry.

[Boy 2, while shaking Boy 1's hand followed by a hug]: Oh, no no no no no, why are you sorry, I'm the one who was acting like a jerk to my brother. I should be sorry. 

[Boy 1]: No prob, how about we go at McDonald's?

[Boy 2]: Sure thing, man!

Getting Into A Fight (Girls)

The same hallway, next day, two girls run into each other, coincidently they know each other from 'unusual' circumstances.

[Girl 1]: Shitty Betty?!

[Betty, the second girl]: Sarah, you b****!

[Sarah, the first girl]: I curse your whole family! May their bodies be eaten by insects!

[Betty]: And I curse the family of your whole family! May their bodies be eaten by sharks! I haven't forgotten what you did to me at the 13 Night.

[Sarah]: That's what shouldv'e happen to a monkey-faced phantom! 

Suddenly, they both grab each other's hair and start tearing them. 

5 Years Later..

In a tourist spot on the peaceful Himalayas, Sarah is walking in the snow, playing with her hair when she suddenly notices Betty in front of her eyes.

[Betty]: Sarah, you b***!

[Sarah]: Shitty Betty?! You're goin' down!

She starts running towards Betty, who stands in a battlready position.

[Betty]: C'mon! Let's see what you're made off!

Suddenly, they both grab each other's hair and start tearing them.

40 Years Later..

In the smae white hallway from 45 years ago, an aged Betty barely walking with her staff is walking when she spots Sarah in a wheelchair. 

[Sarah, barely able to talk]: Sh-Shh-Shitty Be-Betty?

[Betty, barely talking]: Saa-Saarah, you bb-b****! Is y-our fa-family devou-red by-by-by the sharks by-by-by now? (voice crumbling) If my hand...s had power in the-them today, then I wou-would've beat y-you so mu-mu-much that you'de be turn-ed into bro-brocali. 

[Sarah]: Shh-Shhut up, you-you faced pie-ece of s**-s***. 

[Betty]: You-You're not gonn-gonna get away wi-with this.

Saying this, once again the two rivals lunge at them ignoring their age.

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