Toon: Who the hell are you?

T-Dog: I just told you dumbass. Now gimme all of your supplies or else he dies.

Jack: You're robbing us? Wow you must be so ghetto.

T-Dog grabs Tyran and aims the gun at his head. Suddenly Pug bites T-Dog's ankle causing him to shoot Tyran in the gut.


Tyran soon turned.

Lego: In the cage.

Tyran jumped at Lego before Sol jumped in the way, being bitten. Sklei stabs T-Dog with his sword and throws him out of the house. Sci struggles but manages to put Tyran and Sol in cages.

Ahmad: How come I haven't died yet?

Jack: So you get eaten by zombies.

Ancy: Maybe we should just give up on life and end it here while we can.

Nar: On it.

Nar slits his throat and Solo throws him into a cage. Soon afterward he turns.

Zon: To many of us are dying.

Denica: There is nothing we can do.

Zon: Don't talk to me shemale.

Sham: Maybe we should-

Nick: Shut up fatass.

Sham: You know what? No, I'm sick and tired of you fucktards being rude towards me and I won't have it.

Nick holds up a gun and shoots Sham in his mangina, twice. Sham soon dies.

Nick: Now you'll shut up.

Jack: ....Harsh.

Pug: Woof Woof.

Pug eats some dog food.

Solo: Maybe we should go on another supply run. Food is pretty low.

Sci: k, take all the minor characters with you.

Solo: Like....Jo Mama?

Toon: ._.

Sklei: .--.

Jack: Go get some fucking bacon. Now.

Solo, Scooter, Armo, Tron, Ancy 'n Ahmad go into the Jeep when suddenly Armo, Tron, and Ancy get surronded. They go back to back, killing zombies one at a time. Soon all three are overrun and die. Sci, Toon and Sklei collect them and bring them back into the house. The other three drive to Costco and get the supplies, coming home with tons of stuff.

Jack: Solo, Y U NO get bacon?

Solo: They were out.

Jack: Fuck.

Zombies are banging are the window.

Nick: STFU zombies STFU.

Zombie: Hell naw I'm a ghetto bitch.

Nick: STFU

Zombie: Nu

Nick: STFU

Zombie: Nu

Nick: STFU

Zombie: N-

Nick goes outside and shoots in the head and comes back inside. Suddenly a potato fell on his head.

Nick: Da fuck?


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