Gideon's Theme

GF E102 Little Dipper GIDEONs THEME 01

Mabel's Theme

Gravity Falls Mabel 39 s Theme Longer

GF E104 Incoveniencing 80s Horror Theme

GF E104 Inconveniencing 80s Horror

Smile Dip Theme


GF E109 Mabel's Sad Theme

GF E109 Time TRaveler 39 s Pig Mabel Sad

GF E111 Fight Fighters Soliloquy

GF E111 Fight Fighters Soliloquy

Dipper's Voice Remix

GF E113 Dipper 39 s Voice Remix SONG MIX

Gideon Summons Bill Cipher/Bill's Theme

GF E120 Gideon Summon 39 s Bill 2

Dreamscapers End Credits


Gideon Rises - BACK BABY

GF E121 Gideon Rises BACK BABY

Stan Activates the Portal/Gideon Rises Final Scene

Gravity Falls E121 Gideon Rises Finale Scene

Gideon Rises - End Credits

GF E121 Gideon Rises END CREDITS

Not What He Seems

Gravity Rises (Intro)

Gravity Falls E212 Not What He Seems Intro Epic Om

Final Scene

Gravity Falls E212 Not What He Seems The Big Set P

Dipper Vs. Mabel/Mabel Gives Up The Rift/It's The End of the World

Dipper and Mabel vs the Future Ending

Welcome One and All to Weirdmageddon 

Weirdmageddon Part 1 Opening

Gravity Falls Theme - Bill Style (Short)

GF E220 Gravity Falls Main Title Alternate Bill 39

Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls

We'll Meet Again - By Bill Cipher (The Voice of Alex Hirsch)

We'll Meet Again Bill Cipher

Weirdmageddon: Take Back The Falls - Electric Guitar Main Theme Fight

Weirdmageddon Take Back The Falls Electric Guitar

Bill's Defeat

Gravity Falls Soundtrack - Bill 39 s Defeat

Weirdmageddon Ends

Gravity Falls Soundtrack - Weirdmageddon Ends

Goodbye Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls End Credits

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