Gulplanter is a mutation found in P.U.G. labs. He is a cross of a Gulper Eel and plants.

Vital statistics
Title NA
Gender Male
Race Gulper Eel/Plants
Faction NA
Health NA
Level NA
Status P.U.G. Mutation
Location NA


Gulplanter is a six-foot tall red-brown Gulper Eel with six eyes and and arms, made of vines and other plants. The tip of his tail is seperated with the rest of it by more vines and other plants. His esca resembles a jelly bean. He can allow wind to blow out the metal circles that seperate vine and skin. On the circles on his tail, more air blows out, allowing him to hover. He can stretch his vines and shoot razor sharp leaves out of his three-fingered hands.




~ Charzo Puggison (Leader) ~


~ Monoangler ~ Gulplanter ~


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