How I Met Your Hat is an awesome sitcom by Omi.


Omi tells his sons Spy and Ulti how he met their mother.


  • Omi Hattington: Main character, a badash hat.
  • Dark Hattington: Omi's brother, married with Chell.
  • Chell Womanfromportalingson: Dark's wife.
  • Brian Dragoninton: Omi's other brother, who is married to Speedy.
  • Speedy: Brian's wife.
  • Lego Masterson: Dark's son.
  • Sub Wayington: Dark's other son.
  • Robbinson X: Dark's secretly ghey (loljk) son.
  • Ulti Polymorphus: Omi's son with Tammar.
  • Ermac Cattington: Ulti's stepbrother with Nyan Cat.
  • Spy Hattington: Omi's son with the unknown mother.
  • Bloxx Bloxxington: Omi's son with Heavy Pootisman.
  • Sci Slenderman: Omi's mom and Ulti and Spy's grandma.
  • Chuck Norris: Omi's grandpa.
  • Chuck Norris: Omi's grandma.
  • Nick Nukebombington: Omi's nukey uncle.
  • Tammar Aggregorgaxian: Omi's ex who is currently married to Nyan Cat.
  • Awesome Betterhero: Omi's uncle's niece who does stuff.
  • Sierra Proasheck: Ulti's Great Great Grandma, who is married to Nevada Californian. 
  • Nevada Californian: Sierra's husband, and great great grandpa of Ulti. 
  • Uhm other guys (put your name in the comments if you wanna be in)


  1. How I Met Your Slenderman
  2. Givethanksing
  3. /nuke
  4. Grandparents
  5. Modern Hat Family
  6. more episodes soon I guess

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