Now let's be honest. You came here because you wanted to see what the hell this was and why it was on Wiki Activity? Or perhaps you wanted to get lucky with a Random page real quick. Anyways, unless you want to properly ship leave now.

Stage I- The Pairing

First, find a good series. Whether it be Homestuck or Kamen Rider or My Little Pony or maybe even Hetalia, I don't care. It doesn't matter which one.

Now pick two characters from that show. It doesn't matter who. Just pick two random mother fuckin' characters so I can get on with my life and ever-so-slowly update this because the rest of life is complete bullshit as you too will learn when you turn seventeen.

Stage II- The Naming

Now, you'll want to create a good name for the ship. It has to be something original (and nothing with a male's name and then the end of the female's name hooked on the end, we saw enough of that with Bloxxerra, Tronerra, and Waterra).

There are many combos. Here are some examples. I will ship Katara and Sokka from Avatar now (I don't give a fuck how awkward it would be in bed, that's all I could think of at like 4 in the fucking morning).

The Table of Naming
Shippee #1/xxxx Shippee #2/yyyy Ship/Formula Katara/Sokka Example
xx__ __yy xx + yy = xxyy Kakka
x___ _yyy x + yyy = xyyy Kokka
__xx yy__ yy + xx = yyxx Sotara


  • STAGE III- PUBLICATION (Spread the world and use evidence!)
  • Love triangles (There's no good TV show without one. Okay, maybe everything other than anime or soap opera doesn't have one.)
  • How to work with threesomes (let's be honest, we all want to experience one fuckin' threesome in our life)

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