IT stands for Info and Trivia. 




  1. Omni
  2. Brandon
  3. Jack 
  4. Omi
  5. Ultra 
  6. Sub
  7. Speedy (Killed Off)


  1. Charles
  2. Vicki
  3. Kross
  4. Officer Rob
  5. Prison cops (minor)


  • The episode's name, In Love and MURDER, alludes to the focus of Brandon and Speedy's love, and eventually Speedy's death. It also alludes to the Charles and Vicki relationship, which is shown to be not only struggling but growing.
    • This was in fact the fourth name for the episode. It was initally MURDER of the Opera, A Vow to Die For, and To Love and MURDER.
      • MURDER of the Opera was the initial title due to the fake Speedy's death in the Theatre. However as the plot of the episode developed, the title eventually didn't fit. 
      • A Vow to Die For was the second title and referred to Brandon and Speedy's vows for each other, as well as Speedy's death. However the title still didn't seem to fit as the episode also focused on Charles and Vicki. 
      • To Love and MURDER was the third title and referred to Brandon and Speedy's love, and eventually Speedy's death, as well as Charles and Vicki's relationship. It was similar to the current title. The only difference is the first word, and that the fourth title was based from a quote. 
    • The title comes from a quote: "It is only in love and in murder that we still remain sincere" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.
      • The quote was used in an episode of Criminal Minds, as seen here
  • "Charcki" exists but its just a matter of rekindling the romance. According to this website, they have a 57% chance of survival. Click those colorful words to find what "Dr. Love" has to say about it.
  • The type of wine opened by Jack during the wedding, Amontillado, is a double reference: Dark opens up a bottle of Amontillado in Statue of Murderity, and the wine itself is a reference to the story of "The Cask of Amontillado". 
  • Another reference to the Number 5: " Omni is a cop. Jack is a judge. You're a private detective. Omi is an Attorney. Well... there's a fifth law-related person here. Its me. " 
  • The Wikia Agency of Investigation is a reference to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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