Denica and Zon were playing Invader Zim.

Zon: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I love tacos! I am a sir bot! Grrrrrr.

Denica: Mwahahahahahaha! I will rule all humans.

Zon: Timeout. Hmmm why don't we dress up as them?

Denica: Grea idea gaylord!

Zon: Oka-Wait what?

Denica: Nothing.

10 Minutes Later.

Invader Denica: Bow down before me!

Ahmad walked in the room.

Invader Denica: Feel my lasers!

She took out a gun and shot Ahmad.

Ahmad: AAAAAAHHH! What the-

She kicked him in the face, knocking him out.

Zon: Piggies!

Invader Denica: Ok, let's go to a farm.

They went to a farm.

Zon: Oh piggies I love you so much. Wait you are bacon?

He bit a pig. It squealed and the hind legs kicked Zon in the gut, sending him flying into a cow utters.

Zon: WOOOOOOOO milk!

He started sucking on the cow utters.

Invader Denica: Uh, Zon you are taking to far.


He started doing backflips and splits.

Denica: Ok I quit.

Zon: Fuck you.

Denica: Fuck you.

They started making out.

Denica slapped him. Zon slapped her.

Denica: Never speak of this.

Zon: Agreed. I hate you anymore.

Denica: I hate you more you dickhead!

Jack: Why am I not in this episode? I mean the show is called The Epic Life of JACK.

Everyone: Shut up!


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