Iron Man vs Bat Man is the first rap battle of the series, Epic Rap Battles of T-E-E, created by Ren!





Iron Man, vs...


Keep your identity, Bruce, I'm fucking Tony Stark!

Blasted my ass off the Earth, fuck the Knight of the Dark,

You sound like Medusa on drugs, at least in cartoons you're sober,

You still say "I'm Batman", could you get any older...?

That armor Chris Nolan gave you, looks like a halloween costume,

Get that cape outta here, how much did those movies cost you?

The batmobile looks crappy, your style is tacky,

Now if you say "I'm Batman" one more time, please get Jarvis to slap me!

What does Justice mean to you? Joker blowing up shit?

'Cus you send him to jail, he comes back and tells you to suck his dick,

Please tell your creators you can't deflect guns with capes,

And give Robin a change of clothes, don't let him get raped,

You sad little orphan, don't tell me you're cryin',

How's it going with Cat Woman, oh wait are you with Poison Ivy?

You're dark and edgy? Why don't you shut your richboy ninja mouth,

Take your Kyrptonite with you, and get out of my house!

"I'm Batman" there I said it, now go eat my bat shit,

Iron Man acts badass, but Tony Stark is a dick,

What kind of movie names are these? You should call it "JARVIS",

He does all the work for you, you think you have it hardest?

"Jarvis, I need help, hand me more Iron Man gear,

And while you're at it, could you look for my career?"

Captain America's right, why don't you "Put on the suit",

Because without that armor and JARVIS, you're just a intellectual douche,

Whoa whoa, I'm nothing without JARVIS to help?

Why don't you see what you can do without that utility belt,

You with your cliches, and your crappy ass mottos,

What happened to Gotham City? You should've told me it was Chicago!

In the cartoons, you fight so well I bet you trained Karate Kid,

But in the movies you fight like mindless street pimps,

Batman, you're getting angr- wait what's up with your teeth?

Stop showing those bat nipples, keep it PG-13!

Call this PG-13? I banged your girl in the Rated-R,

I'm not the one who spends nights, making Darth Vader hard,

Remote control Iron Man suits? Sounds like Iron Man, cheats...

Don't let your armor malfunction alot, like it did in Iron Man, 3...





Who do you think one? (Post why in the comments)

The poll was created at 08:06 on December 4, 2014, and so far 5 people voted.

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