Kamen Rider Weeb is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in Toei Company's Kamen Rider Series. Everyone involved killed themselves cause it was so shitty, Toei also hates us and blocked our videos in Japan. To be written as an actual series SOON-ISH?


A weeb dies and must collect the eyecons of the legendary fifteen waifus in 99 days in order to be revived.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Weeb Takeru Brian
Kamen Rider Dank Yopo Meme
Kamen Rider 'Merica Prime Washington


  • Akari McScienceBitch
  • Bald Fucker
  • Sperm-Kun
  • wise otaku


  • Ganma
  • Aran
  • I didn't use toothpaste
  • yes b0ss
  • onii-san of aran
  • king ganma


  • Ghost Driver: Kamen Rider Weeb and Dank's Belts
  • like dis if u cry evry time-Brace: Kamen Rider 'Merica's wrist mounted changer
  • Weeb Saber: Kamen Rider Weeb's Sword weapon
  • Dank Memer: Kamen Rider Dank's Gun weapon
  • Glasses Sword: Kamen Rider Weeb Otaku Damashii's Sword sweapon
  • Iguana Clusterfuck: The combined form of the Machine Bicycler and Spooky Ship-kun.
    • Machine Bicycler: Kamen Rider Weeb's personal Rider Machine
    • Spooky Ship-kun: Kamen Rider Weeb's personal vehicle
  • Machine Sanic: Kamen Rider Dank's personal Rider Machine
  • Weeb Eyecons: Kamen Rider Weeb, Dank, and 'Merica's Transformation trinkets. Summons the Damashiis for form changes.

Weeb Eyecons

  • Weeb Eyecon
    1. Sinon Eyecon (SAO 2)
    2. Nyaruko Eyecon (Nyaruko)
    3. Aika Eyecon (OreTwin)
    4. Akeno Eyecon (DxD)
    5. Louise (ZNT)
    6. Nepgear (Neptunia)
    7. Shana (Shakugan no Shana)
    8. Nene Eyecon (Yamada-kun)
    9. Momo Eyecon (To Love Ru)
    10. Hibiki Eyecon (Symphogear)
    • Otaku Eyecon (Mid-season upgrade)
    • Twintails Eyecon (Final form)
  • Dank Eyecon
    1. Trump Eyecon
    2. Shrek Eyecon
    3. Pepe Eyecon
  • 'Merica Eyecon
    1. Colonel Sanders Eyecon
    2. George W. Bush Eyecon


  1. Awaken! The Passionate Weeb!
  2. Ass! The Mainstream Sniper!
  3. Flat! The Tsundere Bitch!
  4. Edge! The New Rider!

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